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Thermal Cycling System

TA-5000B with Flex Hose

TA-5000B with Flex Extender Air Transfer Hose provides maximum flexibility and reach, in the lab, on the benchtop, or in the production line. The unique architecture of the ThermalAir TA-5000 series of products creates an unprecedented performance.

Performance Plus! – Productivity!

  • Out Gas Air Flow up to 20 SCFM from -80C to +225C
  • -55C to +125C / +125C to -55C < 10 sec
  • Ultra Stable DC Temperature Control
  • Frost Free Operation / Heated Purge / Built-in Air Dryer
  • No LN2 or CO2 / CFC Free / CE Mark

Download the Datasheets

ThermalAir TA-5000A  

Dimensions & Working Height

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream Extended

Remote interface ports: Four: IEEE-488, RS232C, SOT/EOT/SFF, And Ethernet, 4 USB-Type A, 1 USB-Type B, VGA, LAN, PLUS Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot-Cold-Amb. All this makes for simple control and service ability.

Plug & Play Remote

No need to rewrite test programs

IEEE.488 / RS-232 

Compatible with Legacy Products

Download the Datasheets

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