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Environmental Test Chambers

The MPI ThermalAir Temperature Cycling Chamber

Environmental Test Chambers

Compact Bench Top Environmental Test Chambers – Temperature Cycling Chambers for all types of Applications

ThermalAir Environmental Test Chamber can be raised up and lowered down over your device under test. Temperature cycle your electronic and non-electronic components and other parts temperature range from -60°C to +200°C with temperature uniformity unmatched by large thermal test chambers.

Environmental Temperature Test Enclosure


Temperature Cycling Rate

Ambient to +125°C < 8.0 minutes

+125°C to Ambient < 8.0 minute

-40°C to Ambient < 3.0 minutes

Ambient to -40°C < 11.0 minutes

Uniformity 2.0°C at the set point temperature

* Temperature performance is dependent on output air flow of TA-5000A/B

Whether you’re temperature cycling semiconductor devices, automotive sensors, fiber optic components, microwave hybrids, MCMs, PCBs or any type of electronic and non-electronic parts, our environmental test chamber can bring temperature cycling test capabilities directly to your bench top or test station

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