MPI Thermal Events




Trade Shows and Events

OFC 2017


The Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition


Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, USA
Mar 21th – 24th, 2017



MPI Thermal Unveils the TA-5000A at OFC 2017

Semicon Japan 2016  –  セミコンジャパン2016


Premier Exposition for the Microelectronics Manufacturing Supply Chain


Tokyo, Japan
Dec 13th, 14th, & 15th
East Hall Booth# 2128




MPI Thermal Unveils the TA-5000A at Semicon Japan 2016

Benchtop Temperature Chambers | Temperature Test Chambers | Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers | Benchtop Chamber | Temperature Chamber | Environmental Test Chamber

Temperature Conditioning Test System

Front Panel Touch Screen Display

User Friendly Interface enables end users to control temperature, set parameters, ramp, cycle and soak with a single tap.

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