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Thermal Inducing Systems

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Temperature Inducing Systems

Thermal Inducing Chambers

Temperature Cycling Test Chambers

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TA-5000A with Clamshell & Flex Hose

ThermalAir Series Temperature Forcing System

MPI Thermal manufactures a variety of compact temperature chamber solutions for electronics and material test and thermal conditioning. An array of standard and custom design high-performance Clamshell styles and other configurations and custom dimensions and sizes are available. MPI ThermalAir Systems compact chamber thermal products are available to meet your test application needs.

An Evolution in Temperature Testing

Thermal Cycle Test System

-80°C to +225°C

Benchtop Environmental Chamber

TA-5000A with Clamshell & Flex Hose


Thermal Air Forcing System | Temperature Forcing System | Environmental Test Chamber | Test Chambers

-80°C to +225°C

ThermalAir Compact Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber Clamshell is for temperature testing all types of components such as Automotive Parts, Sensors, Fiber Optic Transceivers, Microwave Devices, MCM, PCB, and all type of Electronic / Non-Electronic parts.

The ThermalAir TA-5000A delivers a precise thermal stream of hot or cold dry air -80°C to +225°C capabilities directly to your test application, exactly localizing to where thermal conditioning and temperature cycle Hot & Cold is required.

ThermalAir TA-5000A Clamshell Style Benchtop Environmental Chamber can be opened and closed for quick and easy loading / unloading parts that need temperature test and thermal conditioning. Temperatures test your electronic / non-electronic parts and other devices at temperatures from -60°C to +200°C with Clamshell Style Chamber with temperature accuracy and uniformity, unmatched by large environmental temperature chambers.

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  • No LN2 or CO2

  • Interchangeable Chamber Sizes

  • Feed-Thru for connecting Wire & Test Cables to your UUT

  • User controlled Ramp Rates & Dwell Times

  • Frost Free Operation

  • Additional Internal Temperature Probe

Download the Datasheets


Environmental Test Chamber | Temperature Test Chamber | Thermal Test Chamber

-80°C to +200°C

 Thermal Shock Chamber –  Thermal Test Chamber –  Environmental Test Chamber –  Environmental Test Chambers –  Environmental Test Chamber
Benchtop Environmental Test Chamber | Thermal Cycling Chamber | Temperature Test Chamber | Environmental Test Chamber | Temperature Chamber

Benchtop Temperature Chamber

Our small benchtop environmental test chambers provide for the alternating of heating and cooling materials such as plastics, composites, and ceramics. MPI Thermal’s benchtop temperature chambers are ideal for thermal testing and cycling various temperature ranges on parts and electronic components.


ThermalAir benchtop temperature chamber easily exceeds the mil-spec temperature range of -55°C to +125°C (actual test range -80°C to +225°C). Fast temperature cycling test in just seconds.

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ThermalAir Color Touch Screen GUI

6 Users Friendly Easy Icons

  • MAIN  Users Defined Preset Temperature Settings
  • CYCLE  Hot/Cold Temperature Cycle User Profiles
  • SETUP Save/Load Temperature Parameters
  • UTILITIES Configuration, Calibration & Diagnostics
  • REVIEW Real-time & History  – Full Temperature Graphs
  • DATALOG  Chart Time & Temperature to USB

Download the Datasheets



Temperature Change Rate (in seconds)

Ambient to +125°C                                           < 8.0 minutes

+125°C  to Ambient                                          < 8.0 minutes

-40°C  to  Ambient                                            < 3.0 minutes

Ambient  to -40°C                                             < 3.0 minutes

Uniformity                                               2.0°C  range from setpoint  

*Temperature Performance is dependent on output air flow of TA-5000A/B

ThermalAir TA-5000A Accessories

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Taiwan, February 1, 2021 - MPI Thermal (a division of MPI Corporation), the worldwide leader of thermal stream temperature forcing systems, has moved.

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Take a tour of the exclusive MPI Thermal 3D Virtual Booth to explore the full product portfolio of ThermalAir TA-Series of Temperature Testing Systems.

MPI Thermal Accessories

Clamshell Style compact test chamber in standard and custom dimensions for many size devices and components in Aerospace, Semiconductor, RF Microwave, Automotive electronic, Fiber Optic Components

MPI Thermal Cycling Test Chambers

The ThermalAir Series of temperature test systems brings precise thermal testing capabilities directly to your test application. In the test engineering lab or on the production test floor

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