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Precise Temperature Forcing System

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Series of temperature forcing systems bring precise thermal testing capabilities directly to your test application, exactly localizing to where thermal conditioning temperature cycling is required. ThermalAir TA-5000 temperature systems provide flexible thermal test solutions for an array of products and technologies.

An Evolution in Localized Temperature Testing Equipment

TA1000B w/rack - Temperature Testing System | Temperature Simulation Test Equipment

-80°C to +225°C

An Evolution in Thermal Conditioning

ThermalAir TA-5000 Series of Temperature Test Systems

Temperature Conditioning System

Instead of taking your test parts that need temperature conditioning to a large oven or large environmental test chamber, our thermal test system allows you to perform your temperature profiling right where you need it – at your test bench, on your production floor or in your test laboratory.

The ThermalAir TA-5000A is a compact, portable bench top environmental heating and cooling temperature forcing air stream system.

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Thermal Stress Testing System
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Some Applications:


  • Failure Analysis Testing
  • Hot/Cold Temperature Cycle Testing
  • MIL-SPEC-883 Test Methods
  • Product Engineering
  • Semiconductor Back-End Test
  • Incoming Inspection
  • IC Test Handler Verification
  • Functional Test
  • Cooling Test Article Full Cycle  
  • Environmental Stress Screening

ThermalAir TA-5000A Temperature Cycling Test Systems

The ThermalAir TA-5000 series of products have a wide range of temperature test capabilities. Benchtop -60°C to +200°C applications to temperature cycling -80°C to +225°C environmental stress test. The TA-5000 series are used for temperature testing in engineering product development test labs and production test floors for semiconductor IC devices and all kinds of electronic / non-electronic components and other parts and assemblies.


ThermalAir TA-5000A  Dimensions & Working Height

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream
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Thermal Stream Features
Thermal Stream Features

ThermalAir TA-5000A Head with Glass Chamber

Outputs a controlled clean dry thermal air stream directly on your test part


ThermalAir can control by user setting, the ramp rate, temperature transition time as fast as -55°C to +125°C in less than 10 seconds.


The TA-5000’s built-in air dryer and filtering system sends clean dry air (CDA) through its powerful internal chiller / heat exchanger to delivers hot & cold temperatures from -80°C up to +225°C.

User can control ThermalAir output temperature flow rate from 4 to 25 SCFM
Continuous Gas Flow from -80°C to +225°C 24hrs/7days a week)! The ThermalAir temperature system is all self-contained. You just plug it in and it’s ready to start thermal testing your parts. [No configuration required].

The main temperature control of the TA-5000A is at the temperature thermocouple in the output gas nozzle. This is AIR MODE temperature control. The TA-5000A has a thermocouple imbedded in the tip of the output gas nozzle and needs no additional attached thermocouple sensors to control temperature of the ThermalAir system.

The TA-5000A has several ways to control temperature. The thermal stream system uses external thermo couples. The most common temperature thermo couple input temperature sensors the thermal stream using are T-Type & K-Type thermo couples. The MPI ThermalAir system also has multi-channel (resistance temperature detectors) RTD and Diode inputs for precise temperature control of the thermal stream system.

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Temperature Cycler

Remote Interface Ports:

– IEEE-488
– RS232C
– 4 USB-Type A
– 1 USB-Type B
– Ethernet
– Labview Drivers

PLUS Auto Start Test & End of Test for automatic temperature cycling Hot-Cold-Amb. All this makes for simple control and service ability.

Plug & Play Remote

No need to rewrite test programs

Compatible with Legacy Products


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Two Color Touch Screen Displays


The ThermalAir TA-5000A has a front panel display and a thermal head display. The thermal head color touch screen gives the user the ability to set temperature parameters and monitor all system operations at the test site location.

Download the Datasheets

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ThermalAir Color Touch Screen GUI

6 Users Friendly Easy Icons

  • MAIN  Users Defined Preset Temperature Settings
  • CYCLE  Hot/Cold Temperature Cycle User Profiles
  • SETUP Save/Load Temperature Parameters
  • UTILITIES Configuration, Calibration & Diagnostics
  • REVIEW Real-time & History  – Full Temperature Graphs
  • DATALOG  Chart Time & Temperature to USB

Optional Wireless Connection

Remote Control Operation can be accomplished by VNC protocol to remotely view TA-5000 status and control. Remote from PC, laptop, mobile phone, and more. Install third party VNC Viewer App for IPhone and Android to control the ThermalAir TA-5000.

Download the Datasheets

Specification Features & Benefits

  • Ultra Cold Temperatures maintained at 50&60Hz
  • Dual Touch Screens – front panel & thermal head
  • Plug-in anywhere from 200~250VAC, 1Ø
  • ECO smart DC system for up to 50% energy saving
  • No voltage configuration to use at different locations
  • Versatile Boom & Stand – Extended reach standard
  • SSD for thermal file management and data logging
  • Control Heated dry air purge for frost free operation
  • One touch Temp Cycle, Ramp, Soak and Dwell
  • Ultra low audible noise for quiet engineering lab use

ThermalAir TA-5000A Accessories

Temperature Conditioning System

High Temperature Glass Chambers

Temperature Conditioning Accessories

Rectangle Thermal Glass Cap Chambers

Temperature Conditioning Accessories

Non-Conductive High Temperature Shroud kit

Temperature Conditioning Chamber

Compact Chamber Clamshell Model

Temperature Test Enclosure

 Compact Chamber Hood Model


MPI Thermal Divisional Overview
Product Overview

Take on a Tour of MPI Thermal's Products!

Product Tour

Taiwan, February 1, 2021 - MPI Thermal (a division of MPI Corporation), the worldwide leader of thermal stream temperature forcing systems, has moved.

MPI Thermal moves to bigger facilities!


Videos for the Full Product Line of the ThermalAir Series Equipment

MPI Thermal Video Library


Take a tour of the exclusive MPI Thermal 3D Virtual Booth to explore the full product portfolio of ThermalAir TA-Series of Temperature Testing Systems.

MPI Thermal Accessories

Clamshell Style compact test chamber in standard and custom dimensions for many size devices and components in Aerospace, Semiconductor, RF Microwave, Automotive electronic, Fiber Optic Components

MPI Thermal Cycling Test Chambers

The ThermalAir Series of temperature test systems brings precise thermal testing capabilities directly to your test application. In the test engineering lab or on the production test floor

MPI Thermal Product Line and
Models Configuration Overview

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