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Positioning Boom Arm and Stand Flexibility
Thermal Head, Arm & Stand

The ThermalAir TA-5000A brings precise thermal testing capabilities directly to your test application. Bring temperature to the test site where thermal conditioning is required. In the engineering test laboratory or on the manufacturing production test floor, the ThermalAir TA-5000 temperature systems provide flexible test solutions for an array test applications and technologies.

-100°C / +300°C



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One Touch



Temperature Cycling Test Equipment

Thermal Head



Temperature Range


Temperature Cycling Test System and Small Environmental Test Chamber

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Thermal Head Color Touch Screen Display


Means easy access anytime while operating the system Hot & Cold


The ThermalAir TA-5000A head incorporates an intuitive full function touchscreen display that is seamlessly integrated (built-in) for use right at end user workstation or tester. With a single tap of the Thermal Head touch screen, the user can control, navigate, and communicate many temperature functions.

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ThermalAir System 

Positioning Head, Boom Arm & Stand

  • One Touch Height Adjustments

  • Head Up/Down Button

  • Light Weight  Versatile

  • Easy Hand Level Locks • Rotate 360°

Easy HandMPI_Thermal-Head-&-Stand006
Clamp Lever Locks

Thermal Head adjusts easily for many Temperature Conditioning and Thermal Test Applications

Thermal Head, Arm & Stand provide the end user with flexible and versatile adjusting function. 

MPI ThermalAir temperature forcing systems output a clear stream of Hot & Cold dry air directly to your test application.

With Air purge located away from the test…

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ThermalAir TA-5000A  

Dimensions & Working Height

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream

Arm & Stand

Folds away Easily

Making the ThermalAir TA-5000 System Portable & Mobile

Users can easily move through doors from the engineering test lab & across the production test floor.

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Thermal Air Forcing Systems


MPI ThermalAir temperature forcing systems provide a direct thermal stream of clean dry hot and cold air directly to the part that needs to be thermal tested. In the lab or on the production floor, ThermalAir Series provide unparalleled thermal stress testing capabilities for scientist and engineers.


  • Super Quiet DC Inverter Chiller Technology
  • -55°C to +125°C / +125°C to -55°C in 10 sec
  • Eco-Friendly – Up to 50% Energy Savings
  • Two Built-in Touch Screen Displays
  • Control Temperature at the Test Site
  • Standard Mode & Economy Mode
  • Up to 24 SCFM Output Air Flow

TA-5000A w/ Glass Cap
-80°C / +225°C
TA-5000A w/ Test Chamber
-60°C / +150°C
TA-5000A w/ Test Enclosure
-60°C / +200°C
w/ Thermal End Effectors
-80°C / +225°C
-80°C / +225°C
TA-5000B w/ Test Chamber
-60°C / +150°C
TA-3000A w/ Glass Cap
-60°C / +225°C
-25°C / +200°C
TC-100 Chiller
-80°C Clean Dry Air

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Accessories & Thermal End Effectors

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Series Temperature Forcing System offers a fully array of accessories to help customize your thermal test application.

Test Chambers

Thermal Accessories

ThermalAir Product Line