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Advanced Technology

Environmental temperature test chambers can just go so far when it comes to precise thermal control, fast ramp rates, and narrow temperature margins in some product test procedures and processes. Instead of taking your parts to a large test chamber, ThermalAir Systems bring the temperature to your components at your test location.


MPI ThermalAir temperature forcing systems provide a direct thermal stream of clean dry hot and cold air directly to the part that needs to be thermal tested. Environmental stress screening, temperature conditioning, thermal shock and other temperature test requirements is what the ThermalAir temperature systems bring to the test.

Environmental Test Chamber

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Anechoic Environmental Test Chamber Measure Super Quiet Chiller at 49 dBA

Our Patented Noise Reduction Technology has been tested in a environmental anechoic test chamber. The TA-5000 ThermalAir temperature system running at full capacity measures 49 dBA. This is 100 times less noise energy than the closest competitors temperature forcing air stream system.

This new DC ThermalAir Technology lets you “Plug in Anywhere!” One system fits all countries for worldwide compatible for 50Hz or 60Hz power. The MPI ThermalAir temperature system can be used in any region of the world [no configuration required]. It does not need rewire of system for 50Hz / 60Hz. The DC chiller and DC Heater patented technology runs at full temperature performance at any power frequency, 200VAC to 250VAC users facility.

ThermalAir Stream Temperature Testing Sytems w/ GUI Simulation

Rapid Thermal Cycling Test Solutions

The illustration (Left) shows the common use of the ThermalAir stream temperature forcing systems.

MPI Thermal systems bring your test articles to hot and cold temperatures in many different ways for your thermal test applications. Whether the test engineers requires inducing temperature on a single semiconductor device, an electronic module or PCB, or a mechanical device, MPI ThermalAir systems can bring temperature to the test instead of having to take the part to a large environmental test chamber.

The video shows the GUI (Graphic User Interface) running as you see the simple operation of the ThermalAir TA-5000 model below used in a variety of different setups for an array of test application providing hot and cold forced air without the need for LN2 or CO2 gases. 

  • DC Chiller Control System

  • DC Heater Control Function

  • Thermal Cap & Flex Hose Lock Interface

  • Exhaust Frost Protection

  • Reduced Noise Air Dryer

  • Defrost Chiller Function

  • Thermal Cap Connection Head

  • IR Sensor for Heater Protection & Safety

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Performance Plus!

The ThermalAir Temperature Forcing System is Environmental Friendly!

Its time to “GO GREEN”!

MPI Thermal TA-5000 temperature test system has 50% energy saving compared to similar temperature test chamber systems.

This Green machine does it without giving up temperature performance. Our new patented technology is designed to be Eco Friendly.

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