ThermalAir TC-100 Gas Chiller

The MPI ThermalAir TC-100 high capacityy thermal air process chiller system is used for temperature testing and localized temperaturee inducing of continuous -80°C Clean Dry Air at output cold gas flow upto 24SCFM.


MPI ThermalAir TC-100 Gas Chiller provides a direct stream of continuous clean dry cold air directly to the area that needs to be temperature test. Environmental stress screening, temperature conditioning, thermal shock and other temperature test requirements is what the ThermalAir temperature systems bring to the test.

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ThermalAir TC-100 Gas Chiller

The MPI ThermalAir TC-100 high capacity thermal air process chiller system is used for temperature testing and localized temperature inducing of continuous -80°C Clean Dry Air.

An Alternative to LN2 and or CO2 in many applications

  • Built-in Air Drying System
  • Energy Efficient Ultra-stable DC Chiller
  • RS-232 Remote On/Off Power & Output Flow
  • One-Touch On/Off Flow Button
  • No LN2 or CO2 Required
  • Plug-in Anywhere Worldwide
  • No Configuration Needed

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Performance Plus! One System Worldwide!

ThermalAir TC-100 Gas Chiller Rear Panel & Flex Gas Transfer Hose

Thermal Stream Dimensions
Thermal Stream

Front panel user interface includes:

  • Purge Air On/Off Switch
  • Main Air Flow On/Off Button
  • Air Output Flow Regulator (4-27 SCFM)
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • LED Air Flow Rate Display.

Download the Datasheets

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