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Automotive Electronics, Sensors, and Parts

Automotive transportation vehicles manufacturers today are faced with increasing challenges with environmental thermal testing needs for product quality and reliability. In today’s fast moving technologies Automotive component manufacturers have the need to improve product and system’s reliability when it comes to harsh temperature environments.

-80°C / +225°C

-100°C / +300°C



The automotive industry is undergoing an exciting transformation in connectivity as the need for higher speed and for more computing power when it comes to critical electronics and mechanical parts on transportation vehicles.

Test engineers can use ThermalAir systems test equipment and our test chambers to bring their automotive components to temperature from -80°C to +225°C. Our systems generate a hot and cold thermal air stream directly on the test article that requires thermal testing.

-80°C to +225°C without the use of LN2 or CO2.

Our thermal test systems are self-contained. They just need to be plugged in and you‘re ready to bring temperature to your test. This lets you easily temperature test your automotive critical electronics, electro-mechanical parts, electronic and non-electronic components.

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-80°C / +225°C
TA-5000A w/ Glass Cap
TA-5000A w/ Test Chamber
-60°C / +150°C
TA-5000A w/ Test Enclosure
-60°C / +200°C
w/ Thermal End Effectors
-80°C / +225°C
-80°C / +225°C
TA-5000B w/ Test Chamber
-60°C / +150°C
TA-3000A w/ Glass Cap
-60°C / +225°C
-20°C / +200°C
TC-100 Chiller
-80°C Clean Dry Air

Performance Plus! 

Test engineers can use ThermalAir systems test equipment and our test chambers to bring their automotive components to temperature from -25°C to +225°C. Our systems generate extreme hot and cold thermal air stream directly on the test article that requires thermal testing.

In the very near future the majority of all new cars will be classed as “connected” and there will be more than hundreds of millions connected vehicles on roads in around the world. The overwhelming number of connected vehicles, along with the increasing level of connectivity, is already creating a data explosion, from sensors and cameras, sonar and radar, LIDAR and GPS systems. All get exposed to hot and cold temperature environments

Our new thermal test technology gives the end user the ability to easily test while controlling
the ramp rate speed with one touch temperature set point functions.

Thermal Test Cycling Solutions

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Electronics continue to infiltrate all aspects of automotive design as consumer demand for safety, performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability continues to grow. Automotive Electronic design incorporates semiconductor components, electronic sensors, and sub-systems. Automobiles have over 50 sensors, switches and other electronic controls. These components require temperature conditioning and fast temperature cycling at ranges -80°C to +225°C and beyond.

MPI Thermal temperature inducing equipment is portable and can easily be moved from one test station to another. Automotive component manufacturers can use our ThermalAir TA-5000 system to quickly bring their test parts to temperature right at the test location. Temperature cycling, thermal profiling and other environmental temperature conditioning is why MPI Thermal systems are part of the manufacturing environmental temperature test processes.

Automotive Tier 1 and Tier 2 component manufacturers need to simulate temperature environments during the engineering and production test process to assure they work once installed in a vehicle.

This is why the MPI Thermal TA-5000 Series of ThermalAir temperature products are part of the test.

Fast Ramp & Cycle Temperature Testing

ThermalAir Systems for Automotive Part Manufacturers

The design challenges go well beyond simply delivering processing power and high-speed data transfer. Design engineers must also safely manage heat generated by those processes in the confines of tight vehicle packaging requirements, as well as ambient and cold temperature fluctuations, while adhering to stringent safety and reliability standards of the automotive industry.

ThermalAir Systems for Automotive Temperature Test Applications

  • One system fits all temperature ranges -80°C to +225°C
  • Plug in anywhere 200 to 25OVAC, 20amp, 50/60Hz
  • Up to 24 SCFM continuous airflow capacity Hot & Cold
  • Fastest temperature ramp rates without the use of LN2 or CO2
  • Systems are easily moved for sharing between workstations or testers.

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Bring temperature to your test for automotive electronics and non-electronic components from temperature -80°C to +225°C.

In considering specific design issues facing automakers and their suppliers, the challenges related to thermal management can be broken down to a variety of temperature test applications to assure reliability when exposed to outdoor environments:

  • Automotive Sensors                         
  • Vehicle Control Products
  • Electronic Control Units or ECUs
  • Incoming parts Inspection
  • Semiconductor IC Verification
  • Simulation-based testing
  • Cooling Heating Stress Full Cycle
  • Design or Fabrication Weakness
  • Fast Hot & Cold Thermal Cycling
  • Electronic and Mechanical Subsystems

And More…

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Accessories & Thermal End Effectors

The ThermalAir TA-5000 Series Temperature Forcing System offers a fully array of accessories to help customize your thermal test application.

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